Summer Internship 2019


We are currently accepting applications for the summer internship program at the Emotion, Health and Psychophysiology Lab at UC San Francisco under the direction of Wendy Berry Mendes. We offer an eight-week internship program (June 17 – August 9, 2019) for undergraduates who are interested in conducting research at the intersection of social psychology, emotion, psychophysiology, and neuroendocrinology. Interns are involved in conducting studies, acquiring autonomic and neuroendocrine data, editing and scoring physiological responses, and attending weekly tutorials and lab meetings. This internship is ideal for those interested in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology, neuroscience, or medicine. Most interns receive funding or course credit from their own university or outside sources (see SPSPs SPUR program), but there are a few stipends available.

If you are interested in applying to be a summer intern please email your resume/vita (or any questions) to by February 22nd and complete this online application.

Selected interns will be notified by March 22nd and stipend awardees will be notified soon after.